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Physical Therapy in Los Angeles

I am not a physical therapist! I am however, a pain, injury & function specialist. I uniquely use an approach that incorporates the best of physical therapy, yoga, & sports massage. I take these specialized methods & incorporate them together which allows me to see your body as a whole synergistic being, rather then just a collection of isolated muscles & joints.

Here's some more specifics:

First, I find your 'underactive' (weak) muscles. These are the muscles in your body that are not engaging or are active in supporting areas of your body like your lower back, shoulders, neck, knees, ect..

I help you turn back on these muscles by guiding you through a customized exercise routine that both gets you in great shape AND comprehensively strengthens you!

Then, I find your 'overactive' (tight) muscles. These muscles pull your body out of balance which actually causes your other muscles to become non supportive ('underactive').

To realign your body back to optimal posture I guide you through a customized stretching & 'rolling' routine that softens & lengthens your muscles. In addition, I also help you mediate the root causes of your tightness. Which I believe stems from poor posture, being sedentary, and emotional stress in your body.

Lastly, once you have successfully completed strengthening your weak muscles & lengthening your tight muscles we can move on to integrating your whole body with more complex & demanding exercise. This is only to be done once your body is pain free as this will solidify our results to keep your body healthy for life!